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Remove 2-3 inches of Covid fat in 75 min.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, several people worldwide experienced different challenges. The lockdown adversely affected people's mental and physical health as it disrupted their daily routine. The uncertainty spurred by the pandemic heightened individuals' stress levels, triggering weight gain. Working from home due to changes in daily routine resulted in a more sedentary lifestyle. Individuals overate due to boredom while gyms, parks, and sports facilities were closed, making it hard for them to work out regularly.

Advancements in medical and cosmetic technology have made non-invasive body contouring procedures accessible to many people. The procedures include cellulite treatment, skin tightening, fat reduction, and muscle tightening (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, 2019). Fat reduction procedures help reduce stubborn fat layers in different areas to shape the body. Fat burning machines employ concentrated sound waves, heat, and laser to reduce fat cells by shrinking and denaturing them. The procedures' impacts are apparent after at least six weeks after doing one or more sessions. Patients prefer in-office treatment over surgery due to minimal downtime. Muscle building procedures are revolutionizing. Electromagnetic energy is used to contract muscles, increasing their density, just like lifting weight at the gym. One session is equivalent to thousands of sit-ups, and it is effective on the targeted abdominal and other muscles (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, 2019). The procedure also helps eliminate fat overlaying abdominal muscles. The body loses skin laxity due to weight loss or aging, producing a droopy outlook. A technological breakthrough, especially laser treatment, engages deeper skin layers to build collagen to tighten skin. Gaining weight makes cellulite more visible. Laser treatment helps remove cellulite as laser energy breaks cellulite-causing bands beneath the skin. Several treatment sessions are required to attain results. The procedures are not intended to replace training. They are safe and executed in a conducive environment that upholds clients' privacy. Doctors and patients should discuss expectations and potential risks linked to the procedure. Besides, they should review a client's medical history to confirm their eligibility. The facilities are not congested, as they serve about four patients daily. Non-invasive contouring helps the body feel firmer, enhancing people's confidence, and it motivates them to exercise to maintain their appearance. References: American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. (2019). Non-invasive body contouring. ASLMS Home.


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