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What is Gut Health?

What is Gut Health?

In the gut microbiome, there are trillions of bacterial cells. Some of these bacteria are important to the functioning of the body. For example, the “good” bacteria do more than just helping with digestion. They also help in keeping in check the bad bacteria. Bacteria is important for our bodies. However, we must ensure there is a balance maintained between the “good” and “bad” bacteria. The main question is how we can maintain this balance in our gut to ensure they remain healthy.

How to keep your guts healthy

Having a solid microbiome is the key to having a healthy gut. A solid microbiome shields individuals from diseases and infections. When we visit our doctors with a bacterial infection, we often here that there is an excessive number of bacteria in our bodies causing the illness. What a solid microbiome does is maintain a balance by ensuring the human gut of body maintains the safe or essential amount of bacteria. The main question is how we can keep our guts healthy by strengthening our microbiome.

Probiotics help strengthen the microbiome. Foods that are probiotic have live microbes that help the body. Because microbes in our guts are vital parts of our biological systems, it is important to ensure they are strengthened to help protect or shield the gut from any infection. Probiotic foods include yogurt, cheddar, dairy products such as milk, cabbage, salt, sourdough bread, and lacto-matured pickles, among others.

Other than taking probiotics, exercising also helps strengthen the gut microbiome. Those who exercise more have a different type of microbiome. For instance athletes have stronger guts. This indicates that individuals should focus on making their bodies active to effectively strengthen their gut microbiome.

Conclusively, gut health is integral. Because our guts host trillions of bacteria. It is important that we ensure the levels of bacteria is maintained at normal or healthy levels. Strengthening our microbiome is the best way to ensure out guts are healthy.


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