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Are You Team Non-Surgical or Team Surgical? Let's Find Out!


Every superhero has their strength, and in the body contouring world, it's a choice between non-surgical and surgical treatments. Let's break down the dream teams to see where you fit in! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️


Non-Surgical Treatments: The Sneaky Ninjas of Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening! 🥷

- Who's It For? You're the epitome of health but have those sneaky stubborn areas that resist every squat, crunch, and kale salad. Maybe it's a tiny tummy bulge or those love handles that are, ironically, unloved.

- Why Go Non-Surgical? You get to target specific areas without worrying about losing those prized assets (yes, we're talking about your chest and glutes!). It's like ordering à la carte – just the bits you want without the full shebang.


Surgical Treatments: The Mighty Powerhouses of Transformation! 💪

- Who's It For? You're in for the ultimate body glow-up! You're after a big difference, and you're geared up for a bit of downtime.

- Why Go Surgical? Imagine going from Clark Kent to Superman in one go. It's the path for those who say, "Go big or go home." Just remember, with great power (read: results) comes the responsibility of some recovery time. And a slight aversion to kryptonite, or, um, pain.


No matter which team you're cheering for, both sides have their MVPs. It's all about what game you want to play! And here's the kicker - there's no wrong answer. Your body, your rules.

Thinking of getting in on the action? We're here to draft you into the right team! And who knows, maybe you'll get a cape (Disclaimer: capes not actually included).

Catch you on the contouring side!


Josh Nissan


P.S. Always remember, whether you choose to nip, tuck, or just tighten up a smidge, you're already a superstar! 🌟


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